Wednesday, March 6, 2013

San Fran Color Run

I'll probably kick myself later for spending this time writing on the blog rather than doing anatomy homework, but a girl has to blog!!

This past weekend Michael and I went to San Francisco for our first Color Run. We went up the night before to get our packets and to enjoy San Francisco since it isn't often we get up there.
We went down to Fisherman's Wharf after navigating the roads where some bus was determined to kill us.
I got to see an alligator shaped loaf of bread in a bakery.
We went to dinner at a restaurant on Pier 39 which looked out on the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz. I got to see it all, it was beautiful.
After dinner we walked ourselves down to...
how could I not go?
 Chocolate strawberry
 hot fudge sundae, it's traditional
and hot chocolate.

My throat was killing me at this point so we headed back to our hotel room where I prayed I would feel better for the next day.

Unfortunately I woke up feeling worse than I did the night before. Poor Michael had to hunt down somewhere to get us medicine cause the poor man was sick himself. I'm talking major headache, can't swallow without grimacing, body aches, etc. All I wanted to do was sleep, but we had made the trip so we were going to at least walk the Color Run.
The closest I've been to Candlestick Park and I wasn't even there to see the Niners play.
 Pre-run with our nice white shirts
We started out behind this team, they were pretty entertaining.
We both had a hard time walking when there was a whole lane of people running next to us, but neither one of us could breathe well and didn't want to overdo it.
We had a blast!! I had grabbed a handful of blue chalk and tossed it on Michael's head when we were going through the blue section, unfortunately I got him in the mouth too....whoops.
We plan on doing the next one in May and will hopefully have not caught a horrible bug.

We had planned on playing around San Fran after the run, but I was so miserable we just headed home which thankfully we did. After I showered and got into my pajamas I took my temperature and was at 101.8! I'm still fighting off the flu and it's definitely not been easy when 3/5 of your classes are fitness classes.
Hopefully I'll be better so I can get exercising more!

If you're not sure about what run you want to do for your first one, do the Color Run! It is so much fun! But remember to bring baby wipes to clean the chalk off and some towels for the seat of your car!

Have you ever done The Color Run?

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