Friday, February 8, 2013

Fit Fridays #9

Happy Friday everyone! 
It's my last Friday before school starts and it's a little bittersweet. While I am really looking forward to my classes, but at the same time I love not worrying about anything but what workout I'll be doing.
And speaking of workouts it's time for Fit Fridays!
Since it was Superbowl Sunday I didn't want to do too much before the party, but I did get in an hour of Zumba in the morning.

AM strength training session. It was pretty short since I didn't have that much time before yoga class.
24 bicep burners w/ 10# dumbells
20 calf presses w/ 40#
10 lat pulldowns w/ 45# 
10 lunges w/ 12# kettlebells
15 squats w/ 25# kettlebell
15 shoulder presses w/ 10# dumbells
2x15 chest presses w/ 25#

I think I'll be up-ing the weights in a few of the exercises because it's getting a little too easy.
After strength training I had a yoga class that really worked my legs and hips and I can definitely feel it.

Morning yoga class.
25 minute run along the coast.
 I had originally planned to just run around my neighborhood a bunch, but then decided to run along the coast and see how far I could get before the timer went off. I got 2.83 miles and then had to turn around and walk back. There were some hills mixed in which made it a little more difficult, but I was just plugging along and surprised myself when 25 minutes were up. Running has become soooo much easier for me and that makes me so incredibly proud.
I felt you guys would all just love to look at my post-run face, you know you love it.
I was also freezing my ass off, I was starting to turn purple by the time I got back home and could barely move my hands. Time to layer up when I run again!

I reaaaaally did not want to wake up to drag my butt to the gym. I was exhausted and cranky, but I felt maybe doing some strength training and yoga would put me in a more positive mindset. So off to the gym I went.
2x15 bosu pushups
24 bicep burners w/ 10# dumbells
10 back rows w/10# dumbells
2x12 assisted pull-up w/ 45#
2x12 assisted dip w/ 40#
10 squats w/ 30# kettlebell
10 lunges w/ 15# kettlebells
2x20 bosu crunches
Yoga class afterward wasn't as strenuous as usual. It seemed like we did a lot less intensive stuff which my body was extremely thankful for.

I had intended to get some kind of workout in later in the day, but unfortunately ended up spending most of my time getting a smog check and sitting at the DMV. You're all jealous of how I spend my time, I know.

I'm just plain lazy now. I had planned to get to the gym early and get in a strength training session and then a run, but I'm here on my couch writing this blog. Hopefully I get the motivation to haul my butt over there. I've just been so tired and unmotivated these last 2 days. It doesn't help that it's been cold and rainy and all I want to do is curl up and sleep.

Has the weather ever affected your motivation to workout?

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