Friday, February 15, 2013

Fit Fridays #10

Happy Friday everyone!
Today is my last day of classes for the week so I'm looking forward to catching up on a little sleep.
And of course I love sharing my workouts with the blog world so it's time for

1 hour of Zumba

Arms workout:
24 bicep burners w/ 10# dumbells
15 shoulder presses w/ 12# dumbells
15 back rows w/ 12#dumbell
2x15 chest press w/ 25#
2x15 assisted weight pullups w/ 45#
2x15 assisted weight dips w/ 40#
2-45 second planks
30 second plank each side

Followed by an early morning yoga class at my gym.
Every class is started by a lesson or message and today's message really hit home with me. I had hurt my hip somehow and had to modify and take it easy on some poses. Our message today was to not let our ego drive our yoga pose. Don't get upset if you can't get a yoga pose or you're not at the same level as others. You should be practicing yoga for yourself, not to impress other people. It really made me feel more at ease with not doing poses that normally I could do.

Yoga class at the gym

A hour and 20 minutes of yoga at my school. Originally I was supposed to be doing Gyrokinesis yoga, but our teacher was on maternity leave (she had her baby like 3 days before school started after going through like 3 or 4 days of natural labor...ouch). So instead of Gyrokinesis yoga we did Vinyasa yoga with a substitute teacher who will be teacher the class until our actual teacher gets back. I wasn't impressed with this teacher. You know how yoga teachers tend to have more soothing voices? This teacher reminds me of sandpaper on chalkboard. I'm not a fan.

3.5 mile run in the afternoon. I won't lie, I was trying to get out of it somehow, but dragged my butt out the door. It wasn't my best run, but it was a run and that's what matters.
Though it was pretty gorgeous around here!

I ended up skipping my morning yoga class and a workout at the gym. My head felt like it was going to explode and I didn't want to test it.

I didn't end up hauling myself to the gym in the morning. I'm still trying to get a hang of my new schedule so next week I'll be back to normal.
I did have my morning yoga class at school.

And of course today I had planned on making up some workouts, but I tweaked my hamstring and am stuck resting it so I don't mess it up any more.

What workouts have you been doing this week?

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