Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fit Fridays #11

Happy Friday everyone!
I am desperately looking forward to the weekend and sleeping it, it's been a really tough week.
My body has been really sore which has made it incredibly difficult to actually work out. But I did my best!

1 hour of Zumba. It felt awesome and I've even gained enough confidence to move my way to the front.

24 bicep burners w/ 12.5# dumbells
15 overhead press w/ 12.5# dumbells
15 back rows w/ 12.5#
2x15 chest press w/ 25#
2x15 bosu ball pushups
15 squats w/ 40# barbell
2- 45 second planks
30 second plank each side
2x20 Russian Twists w/ 8# medicine ball
2x20 bosu ball crunches each side

I wanted to go to my AM yoga class at the gym, but Michael and I just couldn't make it in time and I wasn't going to come in late to a yoga class.
Yoga at school was very disappointing. We were using chairs in our class and the teacher doesn't know how to do Gyrokinesis so it was a very strange class. I just wasn't digging it.
After my unappealing yoga class Michael and I headed to the gym to run on the dreadmill treadmill since it was snowing really icy outside. Unfortunately right after I completed my warm-up and started on the actually run the treadmill decided to spazz out, decrease speed dramatically and then just shut down. So I never actually got a run in.

Morning yoga class at the gym
Gym workout:
15 leg press w/ 85#
2x20 calf presses w/ 40#
12 hip abductors w/ 45#
15 lunges each side w/ 15# kettlebells

Workout in class:
12 dip assists on box
12 weight-assisted chin-ups w/ 41#
12 standing cable rows w/ 50#
12 arm curls each side w/ 10# dumbells
12 squats w/ 18# kettlebell
12 single leg deadlifts w/ 10# dumbell
12 crunches
Glute bridge for 45 seconds
45 second plank
30 second side planks
1 mile run on treadmill at 3% incline

 Yoga class at school.
I haven't felt very challenged in this all honesty I've been incredibly bored and unfocused. But today my teacher taught our class more of the yoga I do at the gym. We even worked on handstands which I've been working on actually getting. He actually used me as an example which made me feel very proud. It was a good class with just enough challenge to make me excited.

I've been slacking this week and just feel soooooo incredibly unmotivated. I only made it to one AM yoga class this whole week just because I couldn't fathom the thought of rolling my butt out of bed. I had a meltdown Tuesday when my treadmill decided to shut off and just threw my hands up and gave up on running that day. Wednesday I started tearing up in yoga because my body was hurting so much and I just couldn't do certain poses (read: almost half of them). It's been an incredibly tough week for me and I just hope next week brings me happier times.

How have you stayed fit this week?
Have you ever had a bad workout and just given up part way through?

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