Friday, February 1, 2013

Fit Fridays #8

 It's Friday already? Where did the week go?!
But that just means it's closer to the Superbowl where I get to watch my Niners play (and win).
And since it's Friday, it's time for Fit Fridays!

A 3.25 mile run, run 5, walk 3, run 8, walk 3, run 5. I thought the first 5 minutes was 8 so by the time I was done I was like "man I got this, 8 minutes is easy" and then realized it was only 5. Sad face. But hey, I can run 5 minutes with no problems! Success!
Later on I did Zumba with my favorite teacher since she's back from vacation. So happy! I had a great time shaking my butt and laughing.

An early morning strength training sesh:
10 lunges w/ 2-12# kettlebells (each leg)
10 flying lunges w/ 10# dumbells (each leg)
20 plie squats w/ 25# kettlebell
20 glute bridges
2-45 second planks
30 second planks each side
40 calf raises w/ 45#
40 Russian Twists w/ 8# medicine ball
  It was not too intensive, but I still felt a good burn in my legs and core. I really need to work on those side planks, I was dying.
Morning yoga and damn was it hard. My hands were sweating from the heat of the room and from strength training, I could barely hold up downward dog without sliding. Today the teacher was describing how you should be sitting at the beginning, just a simple crossed leg sit, and usually I felt like I was fine doing it, I mean hey I've been doing it since I was little. But today I relaxed back a little on my tailbone and it just clicked; I felt so comfortable and so perfect just sitting there.
Later on in the day I had an hour long Zumba class with my favorite teacher since she's subbing.

Morning yoga class.
Later on I was going to go to my Zumba class but there was absolutely no parking anywhere so I had to just skip. 

Michael and I were both too exhausted to make it to the morning yoga class so I was able to get a few more Zzz's.
Later on when it warmed up to the mid 60's (oh warm weather I've missed you) I went out for my jog. Lemme say I was honestly a little nervous about this run. I could barely run 8 minutes without feeling like I was going to keel over and today was two 10 minute runs. They were incredibly easy. I have no idea why 10 minutes is easier to run than 8, but I finished both feeling like I did after a 5 minute run. I'm so incredibly proud of myself for running 10 minutes straight. Whoo progress.

Strength training super early:
2x15 bosu push-ups
24 bicep burners w/ 10# dumbells
15 back rows w/ 10# dumbell
15 tricep kickbacks w/ 5# dumbell
2x15 chest press w/ 25# (a 5# increase from last week)
10 squats w/ 25# kettlebell
10 lunges each side w/ 12# kettlebells
2x20 calf raises w/ 40#
2x20 Russian twists w/ 8# medicine ball
2x20 bosu crunches

  Later on I have a 22 minute straight run, that one should be very interesting.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and gets moving!

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