Tuesday, February 4, 2014

WIAW: Back in the Game

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I hope none of you have turned into icicles yet! I sure feel like I am and it's in the low 50s here so I shouldn't complaining, but it's still cold.
But this isn't a pity party for winter, it's a party about healthy eats and happiness!
Thank you Jenn for this bright spot in the week to showcase some delicious eats!
I started my Monday morning off with workout at 5:30 in the morning zzzZZZzzzz
Pre/Post Workout Snack:
1/2 before workout and 1/2 afterwards

 Protein banana almond pancakes with sliced bananas on top with a drizzle of maple syrup
The recipe is by Tone It Up and I'll be talking about those awesome women soon!
Raspberry Passionfruit Yogi tea
I discovered Yogi tea when I was looking for something to drink to help me sleep and I am completely in love with their teas <3 delicious and they've really helped me wake up, sleep, etc. depending on the tea

Morning Snack:
Delicious Fuji apple from my local farmer's market and a little Babybel cheese
I've started going to my local farmer's market weekly now to stock up on such amazing produce. I eat as organic as I possibly can and even then, nothing tastes as good as my local organic produce. It's aaaaamazing. Plus, how many places have farmers markets in the winter?!

Lunch (& Afternoon Snacks)
Baked sweet potato with a little butter and nutritional yeast
Hardboiled egg
Celery sticks with hummus

Bean & cheese whole wheat quesadilla with sour cream

Melted dark chocolate and strawberries
How many people can say they get organic local strawberries in February huh? It's amazing!

Now that I've bragged like crazy about my delicious local eats, how have you stayed healthy with the winter weather?

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