Friday, January 31, 2014

Here We Are Again

Hello there lovely readers!
I hope everything is going great for you guys!
Getting you New Year's resolutions completed or working on them? Or have you completely forgotten about them :P

Things have been crazy around here and downright chaotic...again. It's like I go into this lull and don't bother blogging because there's nothing that exciting going on or things go wild-n-crazy and I can't keep up with anything. Either way, blogging gets pushed to the back burner and I'm tired of having to write catch up post after catch up post...and I'm sure it's pretty boring for you as well.
For that, I apologize.
I'm going to do my best to keep up with everything and hopefully squeeze schedule it into my planner.

First things first, college.
I'm on my LAST semester of college!!! How freaking exciting is that?!
You will be mine!
I believe wholeheartedly that fate has decided that since it is my last semester it's going to be the most chaotic. I've only got 2 classes this semester, but my physiology class alone is like 80+ pages of reading a week, on top of the lab. Then I have a first aid/responding to emergencies class. And I have my NASM studying and such. Hold me.
Looking over my schedule with school, work, exercising, and trying to have some social life I've decided something has to go.
That thing is sleep.
Seriously though, this organized girl has gotta figure out how to make everything work.

Second, NASM.
It has been a bit of a read through, pray I've processed everything, and keep going. I'm almost through everything and once I'm done I'll go back through, review everything, note where I need to restudy and schedule my exam. Gulp. Mostly though, it's all stuff I've already known so it's not that difficult but man they make it so wordy (like this sentence is getting) that I feel like a 2 year old trying to go through medical school.
Soon I will be done and over with it though! And then I can do what I love!

Thirdly, my health.
Nothing too horrifying has happened so don't worry there!
But there have been some problems as of late that have cropped up again.
I've been excessively tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get and it means I've got something wrong with my system that needs to get checked out. Being overly tired has caused me to not want to do anything and it's made it really difficult to get through my day.
The main concern as of late has been my misconstrued thoughts on food. 90% of the time I am in pretty good control of my negative thoughts and don't overstress myself with "perfect" eating. However, the other 10% of the time has been a concern. I don't want to go into on this post since, hello, it's a book. But I'll have a post about this soon!

I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has stuck around during my absence and reads my posts. It's a big boost to know I'm not just writing to air but that someone is actually taking the time to read through what I write. So thanks!

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