Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WIAW: Bad Habits

Hey there everyone!
Happy Wednesday and happy WIAW party!
Usually I'm much better about taking pictures of my food, but I haven't been thinking straight lately and forgetting practically everything. But here goes the very few pictures I've got

 Perfect Fit protein pancakes from Tone It Up with almonds and blueberries
Yogi Muscle Relaxation tea

 Clif bar

 1/2 grassfed burger on a whole wheat bun

I'm not going to lie, lately my eating has been horrible. I haven't felt like I'm in control of anything as of late and I always feel like I'm trying to play catch up. I keep eating crap, knowing I'm eating bad food, and yet I can't stop. After I'm done eating I feel absolutely crappy and yet I can't stop this vicious cycle.
I've tried so hard to keep to start the week over and try to eat healthy and yet 2 days into the week I'm begging for pizza or cake.
I feel completely lost and not sure how to get my footing back.
Awhile back I wrote about my eating disorder called orthorexia, while not considered an actual eating disorder, it's still legitimate. As a personal trainer I try so hard to set the right example for everyone. I try to workout all the time and eat right and yet I can't lately and it's made me incredibly upset. I feel like everytime I eat something that isn't "healthy" I feel like I need to swing hard in the other direction and yet all it does it push me to keep eating unhealthy crap.
How am I supposed to set the right example if I can't even follow it myself?
It's been an ongoing battle for weeks, even months now and I'm lost.

Anyway, sorry for the downer everyone, but I needed to get it out there!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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