Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIAW: Gimme the Juice

Holy Batman where has the week gone?!
It has been crazycakes busy around here. I don't mean like normal busy but like...
That's my planner. Every. Freaking. Week.
It's coming up on finals around here so things have kicked into hyperspeed on top of my NASM studying, and oh yeah, it's Christmas season.

So in order for me to get through everything without exploding or passing out in class (I've been tempted) I had to resort to coffee. Lemme preface this with the fact that I HATED coffee. Not just a "this doesn't taste wonderful" but like spit-out-gag-icky-face reaction. I had to suck it up and start drinking coffee and found the right combo and viola, been drinking it every day
Michael totally appreciates this picture

Since I'm writing this Tuesday night and should be faceplanting in bed to wake up on the go, let's keep this short and sweet (of course now that I've written you a freakin novel already)

 Thanks to Jenn for throwing this awesome party every week!

2 slices of Ezekial toast with honey roasted peanut butter
Juice #1:
Chocolate & peppermint flavored coffees with milk and stevia

Juice #2:
Dark chocolate mocha from Whole Foods

Leftover crockpot chili (recipe coming after I tweak it) and saltines

Snack #1:
Cinnamon toasted almonds from the Dickens Fair

 Snack #2:
Discovered this at Whole Foods..aaaaamazing

Egg salad on Ezekial
(this picture is at home, I actually ate it in my car between classes)

Apple pie with whipped cream

It's a miracle I've even eaten anything other than chugging coffee.
Now I'm off to faceplant it in my bed to wake up running through the to-do list. Anyone got an IV drip of coffee?

Any other reformed coffee drinkers?


  1. I need to utilize my planner more!

    1. It's my lifeline lately with how busy everything is lol