Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let's Talk About the Thigh Gap

I wanted to bring up something that's been rounding the fitness Pinterest boards and all over motivational pictures.
It's the thigh gap

I want to talk about the obsession women seem to have with the thigh gap now. From what I've gathered women who want to lose weight/look better/feel better/what have you are striving for this gap between the thighs. It's almost become the measure of a healthy/skinny woman's body. If she has a gap between her thighs she must be healthy.
I'm here to say, that's just not true. I saw a photo of two women's tushes, one with a thigh gap and one who was still clearly in shape, but her thighs touched. I happened to look down to check for myself with my own legs
No thigh gap
I'm pretty fit and pretty tiny, but I have leg muscles and that makes my legs touch and I'm damn proud of it.

Then I was outraged to hear that Lululemon's founder basically accused women who's thighs touched to be ruining his yoga pants
Does that mean I don't get to wear their yoga pants? Does that mean the only way girls will look good in their pants are if their thighs don't touch?

Don't get me wrong, some women naturally have a gap between their thighs and that is just fine. I have no qualms with that. What I'm concerned about is this idea that people seem to be having now is that the only way you will be skinny and happy is by having a thigh gap. It can lead to unhealthy habits that become unsafe.
Can we all just strive for a healthier body that we can feel good in? Can we measure our bodies by the awesome accomplishments they make instead of a gap that we may never get?

What do you think of the thigh gap?

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