Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July '13

A few days late, but it's here!
Fourth of July here in Santa Cruz was absolutely was actually sunny!
Practically every year since I moved here it's been cold and foggy so I wasn't expecting nice weather this year. 
In not expecting sun, I didn't put sunscreen on and now my nose is at least 3 or 4 shades darker than the rest of my face, it's embarrassing.
Anywho, you're not here to listen to me ramble about my burned nose so on to the pictures!

I started out making whole wheat pancakes for Michael, my mom, and me
 They had to be festive!

After breakfast Michael and I headed out to see our town's parade

I didn't get any pictures of the parade except a picture of goats before the parade even started, whoops!
The Boy Scouts made a float that looked like a tank which blew fire out of the front cannon! They make such awesome floats every year. I got to see my old high school cheerleading team which is always enjoyable.

After the parade we headed back to my house to walk down to the beach (oh the perks of living next to the ocean) to get some lunch. It was crazy crowded with people so it was nice to just walk rather than fight the tourists for parking.
The view from my chair.
See what I mean about the weather? The fog burned off quickly rather than blanketing us all day like usual
 My delicious Malibu Lava Flow. Pina colada mixed with strawberry daiquiri, and they even added some blue curacao to make it red white and blue!
Calamari and fries, hey it's Fourth of July!

Once we headed back home we just relaxed until dinner 
Grilled grass-fed local beef, corn, and garlic bread
Oh holy yum. I haven't had steak in so long, but I was craving it so I gave in.
We also cracked open my favorite Pinot Grigio

The rest of the evening was spent was Les Miserables and eating shortcake
Michael went a little overboard haha

Unfortunately people decided to set fireworks off until 2 AM and I had to deal with a scared-out-of-his-wits cat and a protective dog all night.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July!

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  1. Looks like you had a delicious 4th of July!! That Malibu Lava Flow looks awesome! :)