Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIAW: Good Habits

I figured I would finally jump back into What I Ate Wednesdays now that I've started eating a little more than I used to.
I'm loving this month's theme of falling into good habits, I'll get into my good habits in just a little bit.
On to the food party!
I did a really intense workout on Monday so my legs were pretty sore and Tuesday is normally my cardio days. I figured instead of weeping on the elliptical machine at the gym that I would take my dog out for a nice long walk outside.
I got towed around I walked his little legs off and really enjoyed the foggy morning. Once I got home I sat down with my laptop and some breakfast
Breakfast: Fresh strawberries & vanilla Greek yogurt with TJ Pecan Praline granola
While I read blogs and played around on Pinterest I got to view this next to me
Poor thing, I killed him with our walk!

Once I relaxed and got ready for the day I sat down with some homework
And I practically feel like my brain was leaking out my ears. To fuel up after burning calories reading (that's how it works right?) I made myself lunch
Lunch: Bean, cheese, sour cream, and olive burrito

I had class and then stopped by Starbucks for a little treat after all the studying I've been doing
Drink heaven: Soy pumpkin spice steamer
Delicious! They have pumpkin spice back! Whoot whoot!
And I had a little snack when I got home
Snack: Cheez-Its

I didn't have anything special for dinner, but I had been craving pasta. I've had some bowtie pasta just sitting in my cupboard begging me to make something so I started grabbing stuff from my kitchen and threw together something that turned out pretty fantastically
Dinner: Bowtie pasta with olive oil, mixed veggies, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper
Super simple and super delicious

I settled down with Pretty Little Liars because my head was aching and enjoyed some dessert
Dessert: A square of dark chocolate

My good habits:
I've got two good habits I've been getting back into
I wake up every morning at 8 and immediately get dressed to go work out. I know if I wait until later in the morning or in the evening I'll never make it. Sometimes I have to guilt myself and even insult myself to roll out of bed and get a move on, but I always feel so awake and fantastic once I get to the gym.
I've also been eating more which is definitely a plus. I won't go into more detail because I already wrote about it here.

I hope every has a great Wednesday!

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  1. I like taking my dog for a nice long walk too. :) It's good for the dog and for me. :D Oh and, your dog is so cute! <3

    This blog post has got me craving cheez its! The last time I had them was last year or even longer ago. I live in Germany so wo dont have those here. Bummer! :(

    Loving the dark chocolate as a night time snack! Thats one of my faves, too. :)