Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Me

Happy New Year's Everyone!!
2012 is finally here and I couldn't be more excited for a new year and a fresh start. My last post was all about my resolutions and what I plan to change this new year and I'm already making the changes needed to do so. For example, eating healthier and doing my mile run/walk, though the less sugar one got overlooked New Year's Eve night. It was still 2011 so it didn't count right?

Anyway on to my celebration! I spent the night watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Burlesque with my mom while drinking pink champagne and eating pink cupcakes. Girly enough right? I had a blast spending time with my mom and best friend and I wouldn't want to start the new year any other way. Also let's ignore the fact that I had three a few cupcakes, but again, it was still 2011!

The next morning I set out to follow my new lifestyle change so I prepped my delicious healthy snacks, breakfast, and lunch food so it will be super easy to put food together in the mornings. Smart yes?
I made apple-pecan muffins for breakfasts and pita chips with sea salt for a crunchy snack.

I also prepped all of my veggies (red bell pepper, cucumber, and carrots) for my hummus pita sandwiches for lunch (I'll post about that later) and made my homemade granola for breakfast.
Who doesn't want to eat healthy with all those delicious fresh veggies!

I also went for my mile walk (gotta work up to that run) and got lost went for an adventure. I thought this path went back to my house, but apparently it just goes along this cliff that circled me all the way back to where I had started. Fortunately I had an amazing view the whole time and didn't mind the extra time added on. It was nice and warm out and just beautiful. Who wouldn't want to go for a mile walk/run when this is your view?

At the end of each month I'll post about how well I'm keeping up with my lifestyle change and if I fall behind, feel free to beat me over the head and get me back on track.

Hope you all had a great and safe New Year's!

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