Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Mine felt like it went on forever even though it was only 2 days. Love that!

I went out Friday night with my best friend for dinner and pottery painting which was relaxing yet very fun. We went to Betty's Burgers downtown which doesn't necessairly follow my healthy eating guidlines, but it was one night yes? I was too busy chowing down my veggie burger with bacon and cheese (had to compromise somewhere!) to get a picture of it, but trust me, it was delicious!

Saturday I spent the day exercising and prepping food; perfect day in my mind. I went for a nice, long walk in the sun and hauled my mom to Zumba with me. Unfortunately our teacher wasn't there so we had a different Zumba teacher which meant all of her students showed up. I felt like a sardine packed in a can and didn't feel quite so happy dancing around with people about a foot from me all around.
I also spent a good while chopping up and steaming butternut squash for my homemade mac and cheese for the next day. Squash in mac and cheese? What? Yup that's what I said!
My biggest challenge for the day was making whole wheat pancakes and getting my stepdad to eat them. If there is anything remotely healthy about it, he won't eat it so Saturday morning was fun trying to convince him to try my whole wheat pancakes. After a lot of persuasion I got him to try them and alas he actually liked them! Whoo points for Brittany!

My delicious homemade pancakes.

On Sunday my mom and I went to the gym and got a good amount of cardio and weight training in. I mean the kind where your arms are sore the next day because you actually did something. It feels wonderful (I sound like a nut right?) I'll post more about the workout after I brag about the delicious food I made.

After my workouts I'm usually really hungry so instead of snacking on something I make myself a Green Monster. Mine are made of spinach (don't turn your nose up yet!), bananas, vanilla protein powder, and milk. I promise you these suckers don't taste like spinach! They're actually very sweet and taste like bananas so don't knock it til you try it! If you decide to make one for yourself, freeze the bananas; it makes it insanely smooth and cold. Promise you'll try one?

I also prepped my week's snack which is walnut and dried cherry bars. So absolutely delicious and very hard to only eat one they're so freaking good. I held myself off to two (gotta test them twice right?). The walnuts are a great source of Omega-3 and the dried cherries add a burst of sweetness without adding a bunch of processed sugars. If you'd like the recipe you can find it here.

For dinner I made homemade mac and cheese. Before you get all up in arms about making homemade mac and cheese while eating healthy, what if I told you one huge serving of this was only 390 calories? Yeah that's right, 390! How is that possible? Well, instead of using mounds and mounds of cheese to give it all that creaminess, you substitute some of the cheese for butternut squash. I promise it's still cheesy and still delicious, but I'm sneaking it veggies whenever I can. I also got my stepdad to eat this and like it! I'm on a roll this weekend! If you're thinking that you won't get a small portion size to keep your calories down, look at that picture. That's ONE serving. No excuses when it comes to healthy eating. So try it and you won't regret it. Recipe is found here.

Workout: (little side note: # means pounds)
5 miles total (1 walking, 3 on the bike, 1 on elliptical)
Leg extensions: 2x10 with 55#    Leg curls: 2x10 w/ 55#
Bicep curls: 2x10 w/ 25#
Tricep extensions: 2x10 w/ 25#
Shoulder press: 2x10 w/ 20#
Pec flys: 2x10 w/ 20#

No wonder my shoulders are sore! But I feel great exercising and eating healthy all weekend!

Have an amazing week!

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