Monday, January 16, 2012

A Halfway Check-In

Happy Monday everyone!

I figure it's about halfway through the month and I'd update everyone on how I'm doing with my goals.

  • Go to the gym 5 times a week, go to every Zumba class, (hopefully) get in touch with a trainer, and try kickboxing at my gym. I've been a little so-so on this one. I've tried to go to every Zumba class, but my teacher hasn't been there and we've had substitutes, but we don't mesh well. Unfortunately I found out my regular instructor was in a car crash so she won't be back for awhile so I'll just have to suck it up and deal with a different instructor. I still haven't heard from a trainer which isn't my fault so I get a pass! And kickboxing is a no-go for now, but I'll still try and make it to one!
  • Run a mile every morning before work. Ha! Not happening! I try and go every Saturday and Sunday, but the mornings just aren't working for me. I don't sleep well so getting up a whole hour earlier doesn't improve my mood. Since I'm now training for the Wharf to Wharf I'm going to change this to running a mile every evening after work instead.
  • Eat healthier. I've done pretty well with this except for the few times I've shoveled ice cream down my throat, but hey, it's an indulgence. I haven't eaten meat more than once a week and I'm trying really really hard to cut back on my sugary treat intake, but old habits die hard. To help myself out I baked chocolate cherry almond biscotti so I can get a sugar fix without overdoing it. I'll post about these babies later.
  • Blog more.  I've been doing my damndest on this one and I know I've blogged more than I used to so I'm still going strong on this one!
  • Put myself first. Hard and not succeeding very well. I'll keep working on it
  • Train for the Wharf to Wharf. This one I started yesterday! I'll write more about this in a bit.
So I'm not exactly perfect on my goals, but I'm getting there. These are some pretty major goals and require me to rearrange my life and way of thinking so it's a slower process than usual, but I'm in no way giving up on any of them! New year new me!

What I'm most excited to write about is my first day of training for the Wharf to Wharf. This week with my C25K training we have a really easy workout (at least for me it is). For 20 minutes you alternate between jogging 1 minute and walking 1.5 minutes. Simple and easy for the new runners, nice and relaxing for us more athletic types. My mom started the training too and I'm so very proud of her for finishing the workout strong with me. She's not a runner at all so to start this and finish is a big accomplishment. We've got this workout 2 more times this week and then we bring the workouts up another step. And April 1st we get to register for our big race! Whoo!

This weekend I didn't do a lot of prep for my food ahead since most of the food didn't require intensive prep. I made pita chips and pesto pasta salad, but I did make chocolate cherry almond biscotti. I forgot to take a picture of them, but I'll post about them this week with the recipe so you can try these delicious cookies!

I hope you all had a great weekend and have some fun plans for this upcoming week!

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