Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WIAW: Fourth, Fireworks, and Fruit

Hey there everyone!
Happy Wednesday!
I love Wednesday cause it means one day closer to my weekend and sleeping in...except I rarely every sleep in ha! And it also means What I Ate Wednesday with the lovely Jenn & Mia!
So without further adieu, let's start this party!
I figured I would document the Fourth since we had some bomb food that day!

I learned this great trick to making cottage cheese fluffy & airy, like a mousse. I whip it up in a blender and viola! So for breakfast we had mixed organic berries layered with whipped cottage cheese.

Michael and I went to Costco and found great deals on local organic berries so we bought a bunch...which means we are still eating berries..and yes, we're also freezing them. So. Many. Berries.

Roasted garlic & other-yummy-stuff chicken sausage in a multigrain hot dog bun with my fav toppings, ketchup, relish, and vegan mayo.


Marinated shrimp & veggie kebobs with grilled corn.
We made some seriously yummy food, and quite pretty

Glutton Indulgence:
So that's a full-size fruit tart made with cream cheese filling, shortbread crust, and berries. I make a bomb fruit tart (homage to my pastry chef training) however, it's gone.
As in gone the same day I made it.
Michael and I ate the entire thing in one day, in 2 sittings might I add.
Do I regret it? Hell no! It was yummy!

Michael and I spent Fourth of July watching a movie and eating popcorn (yes I had room) and listened to the fireworks going off until 3 am. 3. AM! It wasn't even the Fourth anymore...I was about to strangle someone.

I hope you all had a great, and safe, Fourth of July!

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