Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Transformation Tuesday #3

Good morning everyone!
I am alive. It has been pure chaos around here! I'll do a quick recap post this week, but for now, let's keep going with Transformation Tuesday!
What the heck is Transformation Tuesday??
I know, it's been over a month since the last one! Whoops!
In case you missed the first 2 posts they are here and here

Lemme say working out and eating right were completely tossed out the door during this chaotic whirlwind of the past few weeks. Pizza has been my main dinner, I don't know what veggies are, and working out has only been my Zumba classes I teach at the gym. Thankfully my weight and body mass hasn't gone up or down this whole time.

Now that Michael and I moved in together (what what?!) we're really knuckling down on nutrition and working out...even if I have to drag his sleepy butt down to the gym.

I took a few progress pictures of us from this week so we can sort of start from here. I even got Michael in on the whole thing!

I'm really working on muscle gain which means my diet includes lots more protein than usual, still vegetable protein! Michael's goal is all about weight loss, but still building muscle. Thankfully for the two of us, the amount of calories I need to gain weight and he needs to lose weight for his activity level are the same amount!

We'll check back in next week with an update!
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