Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday #2

Hi there everyone!
How was everyone's Easter?
I had a great time and just spent the day eating and sleeping.
My kind of holiday right there ha!

However, today is about the new series 

In case you missed #1 here it is

My diet has been a little chaotic. I tried really hard to keep my diet clean throughout the week, but things just really fell apart. I've been studying so much for my NASM exam that I just haven't had time to cook. It's been a lot of pizza..a lot. Which doesn't exactly work out when you're trying to gain weight. I've felt awful the last few days eating crap food. 
Eating more than I usually do to increase my calorie count as been hard. Before starting this transformation I would eat until my body said stop. However, now that I'm trying to eat more calories I have to eat past where my body says stop and there have been a few times that I've gagged trying to eat more food. Eating has become a chore, one I really don't like doing anymore. 
I really need to increase my protein intake cause you can't build muscle without protein. Being a vegetarian and not eating enough has really made getting adequate amounts of protein trickier than normal. Instead of me trying to shove even more food into my stomach, Michael and I agreed that I should drink a protein shake everyday. It'll increase my protein amounts and my calorie count.

My exercise has also fallen to the wayside. Again, I've been super busy with NASM studying and trying to breathe that I haven't really made it to the gym. My exercise plan now is to lift heavy, and I mean heavy, 3 days a week, mostly focusing on my upper body. I'm trying to limit my cardio to shorter, less intense sessions, but it's difficult to do that when I teach Zumba twice a week and I take Zumba on my own.

So, because my exercise and diet haven't changed much, I don't feel my transformation photos are too different.
 My knees still look pretty bony, but my upper body doesn't look quite as skeletal as it did. My shoulder still has bone sticking up through it, but it looks "softer" than it did before.
Making progress!

Goals: Increase protein intake, eat meals slower to eat more, lift heavy 3 times this week

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