Monday, April 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesday #1

Hi hi everyone!
Hope you're all having an amazing week so far.

I've wanted to do some sort of transformation kind of post about how my body came back from my eating disorder I had a couple years ago. But the truth is, it hasn't. I'm still struggling with gaining weight and muscle.
That's when I got the idea to make a series about how my body is changing week to week with updates on how my nutrition is and what my exercise has been like.
And that's where
Came to be.

Every week I figure I'll post an update picture or two to see how my progress is going.
It's not the typical body transformation you see, but I really want to get the struggle from the other side as well. Of course I welcome everyone to join in no matter what your journey is!

So this is my baseline picture:
I try to not nitpick at my body and have fallen into the habit of complimenting myself whenever I catch myself saying something bad.
However, here I can honestly say, my legs are way skinner than they used to be, my knees are practically poking out of my body. My arms are way way way too skinny. I've always have small arms, but my bones are poking out of everywhere. It's hard to see in the 2nd picture because of the lighting, but my clavicle is sticking out like crazy out of the top of my shoulder and you can see my breastbone and ribs in my chest.
It's not only uncomfortable to look at, but it's uncomfortable to feel. I don't like touching my knees because all I touch is bone.

My goal now: Gain muscle and "meat" on my body.
I'm not worrying about the scale, only to make sure I don't lose anymore weight. But I'm interested in how I feel and how I look.

I'll be back next week with another update on how things are going!

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