Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

While I do love writing about my weekend, it always happens on Sundays which means it's the end of the weekend; it's very bittersweet.

Friday after work Cody and I went to the restaurant he works out to try his new special for dinner.
So yummy!

The amazing chef with his amazing creation
Aaaaamazing chocolate strawberry cheesecake

After a delicious dinner we headed off to downtown to see The Avengers. It was absolutely awesome! It was engaging and extremely funny. I can't wait for the sequel to come out eventually.

Saturday Cody and I went shopping and boy do I love spending money. Ha! I also went to the gym finally after who knows how long. I was super tired and didn't want to jump right back into my intense workouts so I spent some time on the bike. Unfortunately I could only get the bike that you sit back in a chair to work and after about 10 minutes it was incredibly uncomfortable for my legs so I hopped off and stretched instead. At least I started back again and hopefully I'll keep myself motivated enough to keep going back.

Sunday I had a delicious and laid-back breakfast of a banana-nut muffin, strawberries, and Naked Red Machine juice.

We mostly spent the day relaxing and watching The Vampire Diaries and reading while our cat cuddled with Cody.
So adorable!

After Cody went off to work I spent the rest of my day doing laundry and catching up on a week's worth of recorded shows.
Cheer starts this week officially so it'll be an interesting and super busy week. Good luck to me, ha!

Have a good week!

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