Monday, September 2, 2013

The End of My Last Summer

Hello everyone!
I'm terrible at blogging, I swear. I have written who knows how many "I'm still here!" blog posts since I've started this blog. I think some of it has to do with blogging and not getting any feedback from readers which is discouraging. The other part is I just haven't had a whole lot to write about.
But since this is the end of my summer vacation I can write a bit about what I've been doing with my time.

I start my last year of college *gulp* so this is technically my last free summer vacation before I get my degree and start being an adult (ha! like that'll happen).
I won't lie, I'm beyond excited to finish school, it gets reaaaaaaal old when you've been in school for 18 years. 
But anywho, this is about my summer vacation! 

I can't say I went on any exciting vacations, because I didn't.
Nor can I say I spent all my time at the beach, because I didn't.
I live like a 5 minute walk to a gorgeous beach and yet I haven't put my bikini on and dipped my toes in the ocean this entire summer. It's pathetic. I haven't even touched the sand the whole summer.
I mean look at it! How can anyone resist this?!
I have however been spending my time attending as many classes as I can at my gym, watching t.v., and sleeping. I'm enjoying naps since they'll be few and far apart once I start the semester. I do run by the ocean every week so at least I can see how pretty it is.

Michael and I got to experience a Spartan Beast as spectators while we watched his best friend/brother do the race. 
It was insanely fun to watch and we can't wait to do it next year. We got to see what it's like so we can prepare ourselves accordingly, which unfortunately we didn't do as spectators. We didn't bring food or water, nor chairs or jackets. By the end of the race I was cold, hungry, tired, and very very cranky. Thankfully I can prepare anyone that plans to come out and watch us do it so they won’t be quite as miserable as I was.
Overall summer has been incredibly relaxing and quiet which I definitely appreciate. This upcoming semester is packed full of classes and I’m planning to start my personal training certification so that’s like double the amount of schooling right there. Though as much as I have loved not doing anything but workout and veg all day, I’m getting a little stir crazy. I’m looking forward to a new routine and something to keep me occupied.
So goodbye summer vacation and hello pumpkin-spiced everything!

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