Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

A couple weeks ago Michael's family was generous enough to take me to Disneyland with them and I had a blast. We left super early Friday morning during which most of us were passed out in the backseat. The whole weekend it was cloudy and rainy, except for one day it was nice and sunny.
Obviously it was decorated with Christmas decorations...
We rode lots of rides and I even got to meet my favorite princess

Michael and I made sure to pack food with us so we weren't paying a buttload of money for food
Of course we bought food (mostly sweet stuff and popcorn)

We got to see World of Color and the fireworks display, both very gorgeous and I highly recommend you go see. We even got snowed on!

It was a wonderful trip to relax after finals and before the hectic Christmas shopping. Thanks so much to Michael's parents!

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