Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things To Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Everytime this year my brain tends to skip ahead to the crazy holiday season up ahead and I always try to skip over Thanksgiving. No, I'm not one of those people that puts up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving, but it gets damn close. Growing up I was taught the brunt truth of what Thanksgiving was all about and don't worry I won't bore you with a history lesson. I always disliked Thanksgiving until I really sat down and thought, "Hell screw celebrating Thanksgiving for it's history, I'll celebrate it by remembering what I'm thankful for." Very cliche I know, but how many of you sit down and think of what you're truly thankful for? This year I have so much more to be thankful and to save this from being a long post I'll just do bullet points.
I'm thankful for:
  • first and foremost in my mind this year, not getting into a marriage I didn't want
  • my family and friends who jumped in to help me in my times of need...and craziness
  • our military, without them I wouldn't be able to sit down at a nice meal with my family in this amazing country
  • my unfortunate job, but hey, people are unemployed right now and can't afford what I can so I can't bitch too much about it (even though I always do)
  • this blog which will help me keep my sanity through my life
  • being a good chef- y'all have no idea how grounded cooking keeps me
  • music and books to help me escape reality when it's needed
  • and to end it, I'm so thankful to be alive today to enjoy my life.
 So how was my Thanksgiving? It was amazing. I'm so thankful to spend my holiday with my family who loves me. Cooking food with my mom and being asked for advice was really awesome. I started my day with these delicious cinnamon rolls that are a tradition on holiday mornings in my family. We munched down on these while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. It was so comforting.
Delicious yes?
Turkey, green bean casserole, and garlic mashed potatoes
Candied yams, homemade stuffing, and crescent rolls

My overstuffed plate

 Every year I always tell myself to not overeat and every year I don't end up listening to myself. Now I'm uncomfortably full and am going to slip into a food coma for awhile.

 Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and remembered what matters most today!

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