Thursday, February 4, 2016

Honeymoon Part Three: Edinburgh Castle & Whiskey Tasting Experience

Back again!
Michael and I couldn't go to Edinburgh without going to see Edinburgh Castle. 
But I have to say, despite it being so famous, I didn't like it nearly as much as Stirling Castle. 
I didn't realize that it's still used by the military so a good portion of it was inaccessible to the public.

There were bagpipers all over the city, I loved it!

Outside of Edinburgh Castle this man dressed up as William Wallace, of course Michael had to get a picture with him, being Clan Wallace
View of Edinburgh from the castle
Prisons of the castle

Great Hall
 Every year when the Queen visits Edinburgh she is given the key to the city and she gives it back to someone (can't remember who) for safekeeping. They have all the keys the Queen has been presented displayed in the great hall as well as old weapons.
Mons Meg
This giant monster of a cannon was put in in 1449 and it fired cannonballs that were about 3 feet in diameter. I could literally crawl into the barrel
Saint Margaret's Chapel
It's the oldest building at the castle and was built in the 1200's

Dog cemetery
They even have a little doggie cemetery for any dogs that were regimental mascots or officer's dogs

When you're in Scotland you absolutely have to do whiskey tasting. We went through this whole "ride" that showed you how whiskey is made and taught us about all the different regional whiskies. At the end we got to taste all the different types.

They have the largest whisky collection
This was the front hallway
Back wall
Second hallway 
It was so much fun, but I'm definitely not a straight whisky kind of girl, at least not single malt.

And that's it for part 3! Stay tuned for the last part!

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