Thursday, January 28, 2016

Honeymoon Part Two: Wallace National Monument & Doune Castle

Hello hello everyone!
Time for part two of my honeymoon in Scotland

Michael is from Clan Wallace so we absolutely HAD to go see the Wallace National Monument. However, none of the guide books informed us that it was 246 steps up a spiraling staircase, but it was stunning.

View from the bottom
 The monument was huge and all those pillars on the left side? That's the staircase

Michael with William Wallace's sword....or so they say
This picture still doesn't do the sword justice, it was gigantic

One of the rooms you visited on your way to the top was full of weaponry and it was awesome to look at

View of Stirling Bridge
 If you know any Scottish history, the battle of Stirling Bridge was William Wallace's famous battle and they explained exactly where it was when you're at the top of the tower.

Panoramic view from the top, doesn't do the beauty of it any justice

When we were planning our trip to Scotland I looked up a bunch of cool places to see. I'm a huge fan of the Starz show Outlander that was filmed in Scotland, but there was one castle that it's especially famous for, Castle Leoch, or in reality, Doune Castle.

Castle Leoch

Doune Castle
I kid you not, I just about cried when I saw it. I was so excited to see where they had filmed everything.

Panoramic of the courtyard
Doune Castle was never finished so it's actually quite small, but it was so beautiful to see.
And if you've ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail you might recognize this wall
I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
Yes, the entire movie was filmed at this castle too. Our whole audio guide was done by John Cleese and Michael and I could barely stop laughing the entire time.

View from the top
By the castle there is this beautiful river so Michael and I went exploring down by it

Well, that's it for part two! Stay tuned for part 3!

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