Monday, November 3, 2014

Bahamas Cruise Part Three

Alrighty here we are with the last part to my cruise trip!
I don't think I could drag it out any longer than I have! Apologies to all!
If you missed part one or part two you can find them here and here

The third day of the cruise we docked at the island of Nassau and it looked exactly like I expected it to. It was packed full of brightly colored houses under a bright bright blue sky.
We had a super early dolphin encounter on a separate island called Blue Lagoon so we hopped on the ferry boat that would take us over there. It was about 35 minutes away so it was a good long boat ride that allowed me to see all over the place.
I've never touched a dolphin and it was so cool! I've swam with dolphins in the ocean while I boogie boarded (you can't live around here without being in the water with a dolphin) but I never actually got to touch and see one up close. We got to dance with him, give him a kiss, give him a hug, and touch his teeth. It was so crazy!
It was also our anniversary so it was cool to experience something like this on that day.

After the dolphin encounter it was still pretty early so we trekked over to the beach on the island and plopped ourselves down to enjoy the views. To get on Blue Lagoon island you had to purchase an encounter on the island so thankfully it wasn't overrun with people. We got a shady spot and the water was way clearer and free of jellyfish!
 I swam around a lot and I even got to see some cool looking fish in the water.

Once we were done on the island we headed back to the ship to change and head out on the main island. It was pretty interesting to see and we stopped in on the pirate museum

The fourth day was an entire day at sea which Michael and I spent primarily in our room reading our books. Everyone and I mean everyone was on the pool deck so we could only find chairs in the sun and I was just tired of being in the sun the whole time. I was a little pink so I wanted to keep out of the sun. It was also flippin' hot and our room had air conditioning so that's where we spent our last day. By the end of the cruise I read 3 books, took a nap every day, and remembered what it was like to not have to be anywhere by a certain time. 
The week was definitely a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I loved not being able to use my phone and just spend all my time and attention on relaxing with Michael. We talked and enjoyed just spending time with each other.
I did miss home and was glad to get home after the drama of all the flights, but it was definitely one of the best vacations I've ever been on.
We're already planning our next!

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