Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Mindset

Hey hey everyone!
I know it's been ages since I've posted, let alone posted anything of value.
Things have been chaotic with a capital C, but there was one thing I was thinking about on my morning commute (I have to commute twice a morning now) and just had to blog about it.
Michael and I went on a cruise (more on that later!) and if you've ever been on a cruise you understand the struggle with cruises.
Unlimited food.
And silly ol' me here thought, "Well I'm a trainer so it shouldn't matter." And that was the same mentality I had about exercising. (Yes yes I understand it's a vacation where you relax).
However, this whole "I'm a trainer" mentality has been my downfall.
I haven't been diligent about exercising nor eating right.
It's been a fine line with healthy eating; if I go too far one way my orthorexia kicks right in, if I go too far the other way I eat like crap, feel like crap, and hate how my body looks & feels.
This all really affected me when I looked in the mirror and stepped on the scale. Suddenly my stomach bloated out and I looked pregnant, my jeans were too tight & uncomfortable, and when I stepped on the scale I was suddenly 5 pounds heavier than I had been.
Before anyone freaks out about the 5 pounds, lemme say this: 1. I know it's not fat (there's no way I ate an excess of 17,500 calories on the cruise) 2. I also know it's not muscle as I've lost muscle tone.
It is however a lot of water weight, meaning I ate way WAY too much sodium (not good).
Now that I've boohoo'ed myself enough let's talk about the real issue here.
I see eating healthy & exercising as something I can do when it fits into my schedule. That just does not work.
As a trainer, my body is my brand. How can I advise people to eat healthy when I'm stuffing my face with crap? And why would anyone put the effort into my workouts when I can't even get myself to commit to working out?
All those people that talk about scheduling workouts in so you don't skip them? I used to wave it off thinking "I workout all the time, I don't need to schedule it" Pure denial right there considering I skipped workouts a lot
I've come to realize, they're right
I can't keep thinking of workouts and healthy eating as a side thing that I can do when I have time, I have to start scheduling it like it's work, because it is part of my work.
Putting that effort in is part of my job and I really need to get that through my thick skull.
So here I am, putting it out there to keep accountable!
Anyone else have to schedule their workouts like work?
Any advice?

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