Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Staying Active

I haven't gone to the gym in a long while (I'm embarrassed by how long), but I've been trying to stay active while some problems with the gym are sorted out.
While I was trying to regain strength in my recovery I couldn't do any intense exercise so I stuck to simple things like walking my dog Boogie
He doesn't have a walk mode so I'm usually going at a speed walk while he trots along in front of me. We go for at least a mile walk everytime and I've been working on trying to go everyday. It usually takes us about 25 minutes to go a little over a mile and we always have a gorgeous view
I've dragged my mom with me on a walk with Boogie and she enjoyed it (yay for getting other people moving!)
Michael has always been exercising more and we motivate each other to get moving and keep each other in check, it's definitely kept me going having someone keeping me accountable

Besides jog/walks I've been doing at least 15 minutes of yoga every day to increase my flexibility and enjoy some me time. Link has decided to join in the yoga sessions too
He has his own modified kitty version of corpse pose.
I'm trying to experiment with harder poses and hope I can finally get a handstand!

Once the problems with the gym have been sorted out I plan on being at the gym 5 days a week. I've missed being there!

How do you keep active?

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