Friday, October 26, 2012

A Revolution

In my English class our theme has centered around food and how it relates to our lives. It's a really great topic to write about and we recently had to do a research paper about a topic of our choosing.
I chose childhood obesity and the reforms being made in America with school lunches and physical activity.
And the next week my teacher wanted us to watch the first episode of a series called Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver. The premise of the show is that Jamie Oliver comes to America to start a healthy food revolution in our schools. He takes on the school lunches and works to make them healthier while still being cost efficient.
The one thing that angered me during the entire episode was how defensive and ignorant the people in the town he was in were. It just flabbergasted me that these people in Hungtington, West Virginia didn't believe they had a problem with obesity. Even when Jamie states that they are statistically one of the unhealthiest towns in the country.
The lunch cooks in the elementary school that Jamie starts out in think there's absolutely no problem with the insane amount of frozen food they're feeding the children. Jamie pulls out a box of frozen food and asks the ladies if they recognize any of the 6 rows of ingredients, the ladies could only recognize ground beef. Jamie tries bringing in fresh, healthy food and is met with hostility and doubt and it just saddens me that people think it's just easier to feed children food laden with preservatives and chemicals.
There's more to the series that I plan on watching and I highly recommend you would it as well.

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